Stéphane Gauthier BIPA AFAKA

Stéphane Gauthier BIPA AFAKA

Etudiant, Université de Douala

Précédents : Cabinet Le Parisien, SOLAFTECH Ltd, SDMC Sarl, SOCIA Sarl


Précédents : Université De Douala, University Of Douala, College La Roche


    En résumé

    I am a young Cameroonian old of 27 years, Master II in Banking and Financial Management and desirous to give to your firm a new accounting system in according to the OHADA chart of account, IFRS practices and COBAC regulations because accountancy is my favorite asset so I am an accountant data base. I am a hardworking, disposing a good experience in computerized accounting though software package like SAGE ligne100, SAP ERP, Odoo ERP, Microsoft Office and so on. I can make settings (Administrator part) and process (User part) of that software. I can make you a promise that all my efforts are going to give you full satisfaction.


Accountant Auditor

Chez Cabinet Le Parisien

De mars 2013 à octobre 2014
* Running of customer accountancies * Building of bankable credit folders * Setting of software package SAGE ligne 100 (compta, Gescom, SDC, Immo & Paie) * Making of Tax and social Declarations * Building of financial statement DSF (SN, SA, SMT) * Auditing of banking expenses and commitments * ...
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Accounting Manager


De janvier 2013 à février 2014
- Implementation of an automated accounting system through the SAGE 100 V14 package accounting, sales, fixed assets and payroll managements; - Calculation of mounting cost pylons and profit or loss analysis by activity; - Design of automated forms of VAT returns, PIT on Excel; - ...
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Branch Accounting Manager

Chez SDMC Sarl

De décembre 2011 à janvier 2013
- Independent monitoring of branch accountancy; - Computer processing through SAGE 100 V16 Accounting/Sales and monitoring Petty cash and good books ; - Inventory commercial hall and warehouse storage; - Sales/Accounting and warehouse/branch reconciliations; - External relations (suppliers, ...
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University Of Douala, Douala

Master I Accounting and Finance, University of Douala

De octobre 2011 à juin 2012

Accountant Trainee

Chez Cabinet Le Parisien

De juin 2011 à décembre 2011
- Monitoring of accounting of the customers; - Mounting bankable credit folders; - Tax and social security monthly declarations; - Design of statistic and tax reporting (normal, simplified and minimal systems) ;

University Of Douala, Douala

Licence Accounting and Finance, University of Douala

De octobre 2010 à juin 2011

Accountant Trainee

Chez SOCIA Sarl

De juin 2010 à septembre 2010
- Collection and classification vouchers in the books of prime entries; - Imputation and making entries of those vouchers through SAGE 100 V13 Accounting; - Petty Cash daily inventory; - Banking reconciliation, Adjusting and justification accounts - Error and fraud ...
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College La Roche, Douala

Baccalaureat G2 TQG, College la Roche

De septembre 2007 à juin 2008


  • Bank Accounting
  • Financial and Credit analysis
  • IFAC practices on Auditing
  • IFACI practices Internal Audit
  • IFRS Accounting
  • Internal Control and Auditing
  • Microsoft Excel advanced
  • Odoo ERP (Accounting, Sales, Purchases, Warehouse,
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Centres d'intérêt

  • Internal Auditor at charity APEJE
  • Professionnal and Academic Research
  • Reading of financial newspaper