Simon Leopold NJOYA

Simon Leopold NJOYA

Ingenieur en Pétrole

    En résumé

    Well Engineer, with almost 7 years worldwide experience both practical and theoretical. Skills related to well operations plans/programs preparations and technical follow up (including trajectory construction for Multilateral and horizontal drilling, casing and hydraulics design, collision and torque/drag analysis, drilling tools design and optimization, time vs depth monitoring, cost/depth progress vs AFE,etc…), drilling performance and wellbore problems analysis, completion design, operational support, AFE generation and cost control, database management, risk assessment and HSE management, wellsite supervision for well construction and workover operations, logistic coordination, selection and evaluation of service companies, flexibility, team work and communication skills, drilling project management skills.. January 2007 – July 2008 Company: Water-Drill Company (LTD) Position: Consultant January 2006 - November 2006 Company: University of Yaoundé (Geology Department) Position: Drilling Technology Lecturer January 2005 - December 2005 Company: Personal Business Activities Position: General Manager “Groupe Les-Yonais” January 2003 - September 2004 Company: University of Yaoundé (Geology Department) Position: Drilling Technology Lecturer February 1999 - December 2002 Company: Schlumberger Oilfield Services Position: “Integrated Project Management” Well Engineer May 1997 - October 1997 Company: National Hydrocarbon Corporation Cameroon Position: Drilling Engineer Trainee August - October 1996 Company: Petrodynamics Nigeria Limited (LTD) Position: Production/Reservoir Engineer Trainee April - June 1995 Company: Cooper Cameron Corporation Nigeria Position: Completion Engineer Trainee June - August 1994 Company: Elf Serepca Cameroon Position: Offshore Production Engineer Trainee

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