Philémon Mbida bimeme

Philémon Mbida bimeme

consultant independant HSSEQ chez PMBC-UP Group Cameroun Pétrole et énergie

Yaoundé, Cameroun

Son parcours

  • Aujourd'hui

    Manager HSE

    5001-10,000 employés

  • Aujourd'hui

    Coordinateur HSE-Q

    5001-10,000 employés

  • Aujourd'hui

    HSE Manager

    5001-10,000 employés

    Framing of the HSE team HSE officers in permanence and traineeships
     Drawing up of safety actions plans for the branch and projects also follow up of the year objectives
    • Follow-up of accidents (analysis, reports, proposition of corrective actions).
     Drawing up of technical support for risk analysis, also the HSE documents for all new project or work start
     Drawing up of visual aid HSE tool-box meeting
     Estimate the training needs
     Estimate the recruit needs
     Advise in the choice of PPE and material
     Answer of the work proposal of eventual clients
     Edith tool for employees information
     Department expansion
     Contact with the client‘s representatives
     Follow up and control of the works equipments (slings, extinguishers, ladders, safety harness, scaffolds etc.).
     Safety visits on worksites.
     Drawing up on correctives actions
     Training of employees
     valuation and training of safety officers
     tool-box meeting until 650 employees
     drawing up of project technical HSE Revue and document
     Internal visit ISO 14001 and OSHAS 18001 (departments contractors, purchase, process/safety)
     Define how to put safety efficacy sign at project management
     Follow up of Accident/Incident and experience feedback on the project management also act out of database
     Organization and buoyancy of meetings, training, brainstorming
     Initiation and putting in place one program in the protection of environment.

    13 years experiences

    Mai 13-(en cours) HSE Manager Friedlander ORTEC group TOTAL Gabon in plateform extension project Onshore( COUCAL /AVOCETTE)

    April 2013 HSE Manager Friedlander ORTEC group TOTAL Gabon with the shutdown off BAMS offshore plateforms

    December 2012-March13 HSE Manager Friedlander ORTEC group TOTAL Congo with the shutdown off NKOSSA offshore plateform

    April 2012-December12 HSE Manager Friedlander ORTEC group GTI project TOTAL Gabon with the shutdown off Grondin, Gonnelle and Torpille offshore plateforms

    Febrary 2012-March 2012 HSE Manager Friedlander ORTEC group TASIAST KINROSS Mauritanie gold mine Project& jubile project phase 2 in TAKORADI Ghana

    June 2011-January12 HSE-Q Site Manager, ORTEC group HUB Project (SIMOPS) and Shut down of platforms NKOSSA, NKF1, NKF2, And TCHIBELI Offshore TOTAL Congo

    Nov 2010-May 11 HSE-Q Manager, ORTEC group Project Shut down of platforms (SEFP,SEF1,SEF2,SEF3,SEF4)and (YAQ,YAF1,YAF2,YAF3 and KOMBI LIKALALA) Offshore TOTAL Congo (600 Persons) offshore Total Congo

    May 2010-Oct 10 HSE-Q Manager, ORTEC group Project JUBILE SEKONDI GHANA TECHNIP onshore/offshore with erection of 47 Jumpers and many seafastening

    Oct 2009-May 10 HSE-Q Manager, ORTEC group Project Shut down of seven platforms offshore Total Congo

    Oct 2008-oct 09 HSE-Q Manager, ORTEC group Project erection of Koula facility platforms Onshore KOULA SHELL GABON

    HSE- Q, Coordinator ORTEC group Projects & branch of CONGO BRAZZAVILLE (POINTE NOIRE)

    2005-2008 Big projects done :

     Big shut down of plateform NKOSSA (TOTAL E&P Congo) Offshore
     Erection of sub sea structures for supporting jumpers (ACERGY) Onshore
     Erection of 10 Well Jumpers Moho Bilondo Project (New plateform Total E&P Congo) Onshore
     Erection of integration Pipe line in Djeno terminal pump station Moho Bilondo project (Onshore)
     Shut down petroleum Terminal pump station of Djeno production line KITINA and PROSER(Onshore)
     Many shut downs for the maintenance of the productions line of those platform in Total Congo Tchibouela, Yanga, TAP, YAFP (Offshore)
     Erection of tanks in SCLOG and, ZETHA (Maurel et Prom Group) Onshore
     Many seafastening with Marina sea, Big lift

    2004-2005 HSE Supervisor, ORTEC group Baobab Project erection of 15 Well jumpers and many seafastening for FMC TAKORADI (GHANA) (Onshore/Offshore)

    2003 (11 mois) HSE Supervisor, ORTEC group Project Maintenance of the manganese source company COMILOG MOANDA (GABON)

    2002 (11 mois) HSE Supervisor, ORTEC group Project increase of the refinery erection of 03 storage tanks of 90 meters of diameter, one sphere of 28 meters of diameter, also erection of one new distillation column and piping connections and adjustment also the very big shut down of the refinery SONARA LIMBE (CAMEROON)

    2000-2001 (13 mois) HSE Supervisor, TISSOT Project Remove and to put again two tanks of super refinery SONARA LIMBE (CAMEROON)

    2006-2007 Multimédia Prévention Industrielle, institut National de Recherche et Sécurité de Paris (INRS)
    Santé et sécurité au travail, prévention des risques, analyse de risques (AMDEC, JSA, HAZOP, HAZID), sécurité de l’environnement et des installations, réglementation, radioprotection, droit (général, travail, environnement), gestion de projet, traitement des déchets et de l’eau, ISO 14001, ISO 9001:2000, OSHAS 18001, MASE, UIC

    1998-1999 Agent de sécurité des établissements relevant du public, Sapeurs pompiers du Cameroun Yaoundé
    Stage d’accoutumance industriel service prévention Travaux (12 mois) Raffinerie SONARA (Cameroun)

    2011 .GIES 1 & 2 (ATSI formation Chateauneuf-les –Martigues France)
    . PSC1, (Croix blanche de Marseille France)
    .PAE3, (Croix blanche de Marseille France)
    .Brevet national français de formateur de prévention et secours (Ministère de l’intérieur Croix blanche de Marseille France)
    .Levage (QSE Formation Foss sur Mer France)


    2005-2011 First Aider (croix blanche Marseille)
    Management of incident with big training in accident causal tree (AEGIDE International)
    Scaffolding control (CONFORM)
    Defensive driving,( AEGIDE INTERNATIONAL)
    Fire Fighting (BIMV international)
    Decision point, Permit to work, confined space, chemical operation hazards (SHELL)
    Safe standards practice (CHEVRON GLOBAL MARKETING)
    IMS (Integrated Management System) (Exterran)
    Language and hold in computer

    English: Good, French: very good, Spanish: School level
    Word, Excel, PowerPoint, very good

    Complementary Information

    Reading, Cinema, Football, Team Spirit, Travel

  • Aujourd'hui


    5001-10,000 employés

  • Aujourd'hui

    Coordinateur HSE-Q

    5001-10,000 employés

Ses compétences

  • Arbre des causes
  • Moniteur PAE-F-PSC

Ses langues parlées

  • Anglais

    Ses centres d'intérêt

    Lecture Cinéma Football Grande ouverture et esprit d’équipe

    Ses mots clés

    Sauveteur Secouriste du TravailCROIX ROUGEAnalyse d’énergie SHELLArbre des causesAEGIDE INTERNATIONALGarant arbre des causes AEGIDE INTERNATIONALVérification et réception échafaudageCONFORMConduite défensiveAEGIDE INTERNATIONAL

    Sa présentation

     Suivi des statistiques et des accidents/incidents
     Support technique pour les analyses de risques, la création de documents HSE et les démarrages de chantiers
     Création de supports pour les causeries HSE
     Evaluation des besoins en formations
     Evaluation et recrutement de 260 Monteurs
     Conseil sur le choix des EPIs et du matériel
     Rédaction PPSPS de l’arrêt
     Création d’outils (Flashes, Affiches)
     Développement du département
     Relation direct avec le client
    2011 .GIES 1 & 2 (ATSI formation Châteauneuf-les –Martigues France)
    . PSC1, (Croix blanche de Marseille France)
    .PAE3, (Croix blanche de Marseille France)
    .Brevet national français de moniteur de prévention et secours (Ministère de l’intérieur Croix blanche de Marseille France)
    .Levage (QSE Formation Foss sur Mer France)

    Son activité sur Viadeo

    Ses derniers contacts
    Camille BARBE
    Pascal Dosse
    Olivier Bargy
    • Préparateur - Superviseur Piping / structure / visite capacité

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